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These Ads Are A Proof Why Shah Rukh Khan Is A Better Brand Ambassador Than Ranveer Singh

| Published on November 13, 2018

Normally whenever we see a celebrity endorsing a brand, all we analyze is the fact that the celebrity is being paid by the brand to communicate its message. Hardly we try and analyze that sometimes brands change their communication and tonality as per the brand ambassador.

In recent times, there have been 3 brands where the current heartthrob Ranveer Singh has replaced the still reigning Badshaah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. In order to connect with the youth, the brands did go ahead and changed their brand ambassador, but did they lose their dignified tonality in trying to match Ranveer’s personality.

Dish TV

For example, Dish TV had Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassador for the longest time and all the ads that Shah Rukh did capture the audiences mind and heart. The ads were subtle, light-hearted but soulful. Cut to the current ad that features Ranveer Singh, the brand comes across as a very loud one indeed. From Shah Rukh sweetly saying, ‘thoda aur wish karo, dish karo’ to ‘dishkiyaon’, the entire essence of the advertisements have changed. Even when Shah Rukh did ‘sab par dish savaar hai’ ad, there was a sense of relatability, while Ranveer’s character is way too loud for a common person to relate to.

Royal Stag

In another example, Royal Stag had Shah Rukh and Saif Ali Khan endorsing their brand communication of ‘its your life, make it large’. The ads had a very classy appeal and were liked a lot by the audience. Going forward, although the brand has tried hard to maintain the classiness of the ad, Ranveer’s flamboyancy cannot be ignored. Royal Stag has been known to dish out classy ads, but as a brand even they could not help but give into Ranveer’s colorful personality.

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Now consider, the latest ad from Nerolac, Ranveer’s character has a distinctly loud accent and the flamboyancy can yet again be seen. Look back at the ads where Shah Rukh Khan was endorsing Nerolac and you will be able to see the difference. Where Shah Rukh is at his charming best with ‘Ek Baar Ghar Bulake Toh Dekho’, Ranveer’s character gets irritating beyond a point.

The question here is, what does the brand individually stand for? Does the brand not have its own brand language and will adapt as per the brand ambassador? Didn’t we think, that the brand ambassador is supposed to own up the brand and talk in the same lingo? Well, that’s how normally things work, but in this case, we clearly see that Ranveer Singh’s persona is playing more role than the brand ethos and somewhere in trying to match up to his personality, the brands have lost the classiness and dignity that they portrayed earlier.

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