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These 5 Startups Have Contributed For Social Good In 2020

| Published on December 28, 2020

You will find a number of startups that have originated this year for their own good – to make profits, to create products of interest, and to add to a specified sector. However, there are some startups that have strived hard to uplift the environment around us and make the lives of people better in a social way. These 5 startups are good examples of the same, and we cannot wait to see where the New Year takes them.

Two Brothers Organic Farm


Brothers Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange were originally bankers, who quit their job to start their own organic farm near Pune. After realizing that farming productivity was not the same as before, they started emphasizing on organic farming and got more than 9000 farmers to use traditional fertilizers to grow different kinds of crops.


Aditya Bose started ProBano in 2017 to help students who came from underprivileged backgrounds or were the first in their family to start off with a career. A little counseling goes a long way in making leaders of tomorrow. By directing them in the correct path, this Delhi-based organization has contacted more than 12,000 students from 150+ institutes in the country.

Rural Invest

Lack of financial literacy and the unavailability of opportunities has made many people in rural areas bring a direct or indirect increase in their poverty rates. A group of four boys – Raghav Sharma, Satyam Mehta, Naman Tekriwal, and Madhav Sharma – have created a mobile application that allows people from the rural areas to make systematic investment plans (SIPs) with small investments.

Outhouse Jewellery

The NRDC has stated that jewelry making and mining, among other things, add to the 20% of water pollution every year. The release and production of materials like polyester have utilized quite a huge amount of greenhouse gases, depleting our environment. To combat this issue, sisters Sasha and Kaabia Grewal have created their own jewelry brand that recycles old metal, scraped, and old, vegan leather to create beautiful jewelry. They have also collaborated with several non-profits in order to conduct various socio-environmental activities.

Berry Clean

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With the pandemic hitting heard, a number of cleaning products were used on a daily basis and discarded as waste. None of these cleaners have natural components in them, which have led to the accumulation of waste, harming the environment around us! Hence, a husband-wife duo, Abhishek and Shruti Taneja along with Gaurav Mahendru, decided to launch Berry Clean, to utilize natural cleanses for residences and commercial spaces. These are sustainable, organic products that not only disinfect your space but also keep the environment clean.

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