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These 5 Celebs Were Found Endorsing Android Phone Using iPhones

| Published on June 16, 2020

It’s a common scene to see celebrities advertise for different products including food, makeup, clothes and even gadgets. Contrary to what most people believe, half of the times celebrities use their iPhones to declare new launches of several Android ones. Don’t believe us? Check out how these celebs did it.

Katrina Kaif: Redmi

Xiaomi’s first celebrity endorsement was with Katrina Kaif in 2018, for the Redmi Y1. The advertisement showcased Kaif taking pictures with her phone but it left a lot of her customers confused because the initial few seconds of the advertisement should an Instagram screen from an iPhone.

These 5 Celebs Were Caught Promoting Android Phones Via iPhones

Gal Gadot: Huawei

Gal Gadot is known for her advertisement for the Huawei Mate Pro 10. She tweeted the same but it was done via an iPhone. This was pointed out by YouTube star Marques Brownlee.

Anushka Sharma: Google Pixel

YouTube star Marques Brownlee was quick enough to point another B-Town celeb’s mistake and this time it is Anushka Sharma. While shooting for Google Pixel, the tweet made by the actress was also done via her iPhone.

Sania Mirza: OnePlus

Sania Mirza loved the OnePlus 3T a few years back and tweeted her love for the same, but it was done via the iPhone. A lot of celebrities following the drill, eh?

These 5 Celebs Were Caught Promoting Android Phones Via iPhones

Ellen DeGeneres: Samsung

Ellen DeGeneres’ epic Oscar selfie was no doubt taken from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3! Shortly after, she went backstage and took a selfie with Channing Tatum and uploaded it on her Twitter via an iPhone!

These 5 Celebs Were Caught Promoting Android Phones Via iPhones

Source: Mensxp

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