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These 2 Indian Mothers Starting Business In Their 50s & Making Rs 2 Crore in 3 Years Is Inspiring

| Published on September 14, 2020

How often do you hear stories of housewives turning into entrepreneurs? These days, it happens more often than not as women are taking the lead in every sphere of life. These two mothers are in their 50s and still rocking it by having started their own venture! They introduced GeekMonkey to India and experienced a 300% increase in sales as compared to the previous year. We bring forth to you a wonderful gifting venture by two women who probably plan all the gifting needs of their families as well!

Since the lockdown had curbed a lot of people from leaving their houses, ordering online definitely helped GeekMonkey raise the profits to their favour. Guddi and Nisha, the two mothers have been lucky enough to have their homegrown business grow at a rapid rate. Despite the issue of the lockdown, their profits did not fail to stagger even a bit! And did you know their children are married to each other? What a better duo than this!

How Did It All Begin?

Nisha, being a graduate, always used to sell return gifts she procured from different parties to her relatives. As they appreciated her taste and variety, her gifts were a hit and this gave her the idea to make it a big scale. Guddi’s son gave her the idea to start selling gifts online. By choosing a range, while Guddi’s son took care of the designs and listing, the trio was set to launch their best and woo their customers with the best offers available.

They opted cost-cutting methods in the initial phase and stocked up the items to start selling them full swing once their reputation soared. The growth rate increased by 2019, by focusing on products for children and adults alike. There are quite a few products for the home range, toys for boys and girls, and crockery and other decorative items to gift your relatives and friends.

A simple solution to all gifting ideas! Trust GeekMonkey to come up with the best solutions by all means.

Source: The Better India

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