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There’s a Day Dedicated For Selfies?

| Published on June 24, 2018

Internet has given birth to so many new trends. Celebrating special days is no more same and many new occasions have been added in past few years. June has become an important month for brands as it comes with multiple options to attract the audience by celebrating special occasions and give tribute to the things that have become a part of our life. June 21st alone is celebrated for a number of things including International Yoga Day, International Music Day and World Selfie Day.

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While the International Yoga Day was propagated by the Indian government for all the right reasons, it makes us wonder why do we celebrate selfie day. Well, it doesn’t matter how it started but the way brands use these days is just perfect. There are some brands which made this day special with their creative campaigns to share the concept of Selfie day. Here’s what some brands did in line with Selfie Day –


McDonald’s in association with New 100% Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder launched a video which shows that how life offers use choice on everything we do. From having a juicy burger to clicking selfies we always see ourselves in a dilemma to choose. It was a promotional video to make people purchase Quarter Pounder and participate in a contest with Frylus.com.


Comicstaan did what they are best in doing. They made a funny video trolling brands and how everything today is focussed on marketing things. Using #RaitaSelfie hashtag was indeed a way reative cto showcase how brands advertise using hashtags. Biswa Kalyan Rath and Sapan Verma have acted brilliantly in this video.

A lot of brands tried to get the attention by clickbait posts such as ‘How to take the best selifie’, ‘Best smartphones to click selfie’ and so on.

Basically, life came a full circle at the end of our research on what went down on Selfie Day. And while we concluded that it’s best to let brands be & do what they do best, we also came across a brand celebrating June 21 as World Smoothie Day. * Mind blown *

Do you know about more such outrageous days? If yes, do let us know in the comments section.

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