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The World’s Top 10 Coolest Offices Of 2019

| Published on September 21, 2019

If your company is working on an office upgrade, then you have come to the right place. This year’s list of ‘world’s most beautiful offices’ has something for everyone, from converted shipbuilding facilities to quirky shapes and shades of Barcelona’s famous Gaudi buildings. Let’s take a quick look on the list below which will prove that tech companies aren’t the only ones who can have alluring headquarters:

1. Bark (Columbus, Ohio)

Pet Supply Company the Bark dubs is the world’s most dog-friendly office. Around 50 canines roam the office space every day. Desks are placed next to lounge seats which are made of easy-to-wipe fabric.
The floors are made of sealed concrete, rubber, and woven vinyl, to clean accidents easily.

2. Digital Luxury Group (Geneva, Switzerland)

The offices of the digital marketing company DLG are designed to not feel like an office at all. The offices do not have a reception and the interior design firm Bloomint design focused on flexibility, creating a series of spaces that encourage relaxation. Modern furniture, minimal lines, and floating lights in the shape of clouds make for an elegant interior with a tinge of softness.

3. Gusto (San Francisco)

This warehouse in San Francisco was used to construct and repair ships from the 19th century during World War 2. It’s now taken over by Gusto, a company that makes cloud-based HR software for small businesses. The startup collaborated with the architecture firm, Gensler and created a design which left many of the industrial remains intact, including the lifts and the cranes.

4. Joy tunes (Tel Aviv, Israel)

A wooden stage for performances, jam sessions, and video shoots sits directly under central skylight creating a natural spotlight for performances. Music literally takes a center stage at the headquarters for JoyTunes.

5. Mind Valley (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Mind valley uses natural light to produce a kaleidoscopic effect of colored shadows painting the office in colorful hues as the sun moves through the sky. The office space includes an in-office gym, hypnotherapy room and bed pods for power naps

6. Slack (San Francisco)

Slacks headquarters is like an office version of planet earth. Each floor of the software company is made like different region of the pacific crest trail. The lobby level is a base camp of sorts where employees can get together and meditate before starting their ascent

7. Trend Micro (Cairo, Egypt)

The vibe at cybersecurity company Trend Micro’s Cairo’s office gives a strong competition to some museums since it pays homage to ancient Egypt. The ancient writings carved into marble remind workers of how information was preserved 5000 years ago and the artifacts in nearly every corner add on to the truly inspiring work environment

8. Vital Proteins (Chicago)

The office of collagen-supplement maker Vital Proteins has a distinctively California vibe by design despite being located in the west loop of Chicago. Its beechwood whitewashed brick and light blue and light grey color give a break to long Windy City winters

9. White Balance (New Delhi, India)

The creative agency White Balance followed a simple rule for designing the architecture of its headquarters: an office without any visual barrier. The industrial aesthetic and white colour with metal accents in the background gives a modern look to the office.

10. The Wing (New York City)

The women co-working space the wing occupies an entire Manhattan building. Orb lights hang from the high ceilings. Furniture is ergonomically designed for women. Meeting rooms are named after famous women in history, literature and pop culture.

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