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The Woman Behind Mumbai Police’s Success On Social Media

| Published on June 2, 2021

Mumbai Police’s social media handle is known to be witty and humorous. Drawing inspiration from trending shows, movies, and characters, they always create relatable, meme-worthy content. Ever wondered who is behind creating these posts?

Sunchika Pandey is the person driving their social media account and is the owner of HAT Media, a known agency handling social media accounts for Government related companies including the BMC. She is a former crime journalist and has managed to excel in creating a niche with her creative time that is class apart. This was strongly built to remove the notion that police officers are as scary as their jobs deem them to be.

Pandey also mentions that the police department is highly aware of what goes on social media and participates in the creative ideation as well. They have been assisting her agency with setting the tone of creatives. One such instance came about this year when Money Heist’s character ‘Arturo’ was taken to spread awareness among the citizens of Mumbai.


In addition to spreading awareness, witty humor has been used by the team to create specific campaigns for the Police department and also answer queries and concerns raised by users on Twitter. The Mumbai Police department is the first of its kind to shun the stereotypes about cops in general, and no other state police department has done the same.

With her agency, Sunchika wants to bring forth the reality to citizens that police officers are just ordinary people in uniforms while on duty. They are very similar to regular individuals and do the same chores and activities. Here’s an instance to prove the same.


Thanks to how often Mumbai Police’s social media posts become viral, Sunchika is referred to as the ‘Twitter Madam’ by today’s generation as well as the department. The team has successfully pulled ideas from popular TV shows like Money Heist and Peaky Blinders, and also driven dialogues from Bollywood actors and Hollywood superstars time and again.

Sunchika feels that relatable content offers the department to grab people’s attention. Today, the trend for consuming content highly depends on one’s attention span. Creating topical, trending content is the key to flourish. Moreover, the new DCPs and IPS officers are quite young and these posts resonate better with them. They are able to point out if something may not work with the posts.

For the new FRIENDS reunion episode last week, they also created their own version. Here’s how it looks.


Twitter was surely impressed and left quite a few delightful responses.


You can read more about the entire team behind Mumbai Police’s Instagram & Twitter handles here.

Source: News18

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