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The Smells Which Make People Spend More Money: Scent Marketing

| Published on February 9, 2023

Did you realize that the fragrance of your business might drive clients to spend more? Here is all the information you need to understand about scent marketing.

In addition to lighting and music, particular odours have also been found to influence people’s spending, according to recent studies.

Simple fragrances, as opposed to complicated scent combinations, are strong inducers of expenditure, according to Washington State University researchers.

This is so that shoppers’ brains can concentrate on buying since simple fragrances, like citrus or pine, don’t need much mental processing.


The strategic application of fragrance at particular customer touchpoints is known as scent marketing. With the proper aroma, you can instantly establish an emotional connection with the client and enhance their shopping experience.

Both forceful and subdued describe it. Because the selected aroma may be spread through open windows and doors it allows companies to reach consumers outside of the walls of their stores, which makes it aggressive. Because most customers are unaware that the perfume they are perceiving is deliberate rather than accidental, it is mild.

Benefits of scent marketing

Increased brand awareness: The ability to increase brand awareness is one of the main advantages of fragrance marketing. This is because giving your brand a nice fragrance might act as an olfactory calling card for your clients.

Enhance the visitor experience: The fact that fragrance marketing may enhance consumer experiences is just another fantastic advantage. For instance, businesses like Bath & Body Functions provide a wide selection of trademark scents. To draw in both new and returning clients, they are renowned for lighting candles and misting the air with various perfumes.

Create a memorable brand: Making your brand more remembered is yet another fantastic advantage of fragrance marketing. This is so since one’s sense of smell and memory are closely related. As a result, when your consumers smell something that reminds them of your brand’s characteristic scents, they will immediately think of it.

Increasing your selling window: Last but not least, fragrance marketing enables businesses to expand the period during which they may sell to clients. This is because consumers tend to spend longer in spaces where there is a good aroma.

The Effects of Smell

According to ThoughtCo, since smells have the power to change people’s emotions, they may have an impact on consumer behavior. Chamomile, lavender, cinnamon, and citrus scents are calming; peppermint, thyme, and rosemary scents are energizing. While rose encourages optimism and happiness, cardamom, ginger, licorice, and chocolate frequently evoke amorous impulses.

Simple fragrances, as opposed to complicated scent combinations, are strong inducers of expenditure, according to Washington State University researchers. That’s because straightforward aromas, like citrus and pine, don’t require the buyer to digest them mentally as much, freeing up their minds to conjure up memories connected to these energizing odors.

The nose knows

One of the many distinctive human senses is the smell. According to the fragrance marketing business, the smell quickly triggers our emotional and memory centers because it communicates with the limbic system of the brain directly, bypassing all other intellectual and logical thought processes. It has an immediate impact.

According to one “atmospherics” store designer, the goal is to employ fragrance to build an emotional bond with customers to increase their likelihood of making a purchase or returning, while avoiding sensory overload.

It resembles applying aftershave or cologne. Visitors and your brand will benefit from a tiny bit of it. But going overboard makes clients believe you’re terrible.

How can your business smell better?

There are several ways your business might benefit from scent marketing. As an example, Hyatt Place has been using olfactory branding for a long time. When Hyatt Place first opened, it debuted a signature scent called “Seamless,” as per Harvard Business Review.

The scent of freshly made chocolate chip cookies soothes and comforts visitors to the Magic House in Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Florida. ThoughtCo claims that Singapore Airlines uses a brand-exclusive scent known as “Stefan Floridian Waters“.

In cancer patients undergoing MRI testing (vanilla) and dentistry patients in waiting rooms, scents have been found to reduce anxiety levels (lavender).

The fragrance of leather is ideal for a store seeking a high-end appeal. Cotton and linen are associated with freshness, wellness, and spring.

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