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The Rise & Growth Of Brand “Arvind Kejriwal”

| Published on February 17, 2020

This Sunday was special for Delhiites and Kejriwal too when CM Arvind Kejriwal took oath on Sunday at Ramlila Maidan for the third consecutive time. Kejriwal led AAP swept Delhi Polls with 62 seatsand formed the Government for the third consecutive time.This win was deemed as the win of a common man, but definitely, today, Arvind Kejriwal has become a ‘Brand Kejriwal’. Let’s put some light on the meteoric rise of Brand Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal

The secret to becoming a brand identity is to win hearts and Kejriwal did it superbly. When Kejriwal started the message was clear, he was there for a common man. And over time during his tenure, he proved that.

From free electricity, free water, free public transport for women, improved women safety to good hospitals and schools to better education and governance, Kejriwal did everything that was assured in AAP’s manifesto. Thus, it laid the foundation of the ‘Brand Kejriwal’, but it was not all. A well-crafted marketing strategy was a must to deliver the message to every single Delhiite. Hence, the combination of good governance and a well-crafted marketing strategy led to the meteoric rise of Brand Kejriwal.

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With 25M followers on Social Media, Kejriwal has become a national icon of truth, trust, and good governance. And AAP’s social media political advertising strategy for Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 was a big learning for all the parties. Experts believe as a brand, Arvind Kejriwal is of impact beyond Delhi as PM Modi is of impact beyond India. And yesterday’s Tweet of CM Arvind Kejriwal perfectly depicts the Brand Kejriwal where he thanked PM Modi for wishes.

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