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The Paan Story: A Mumbai Paan Store Serving Premium Paans Priced From Rs. 35 to 6000

| Published on August 28, 2019

An after food mouth fresher, “Paan” is one of the most common traditional treats in the country that holds a special place in the hearts of all. But in the times of today when the world is running on experiments and fusion food, looks like the traditional treat is also not so far off in the race.

The Paan Story, a premium paan store is a heaven for all paan lovers. The place has surely earned its name by serving the wackiest and craziest flavours of paans possible and taking premium all together to the next level.

It is not a normal Paan store as all the products available are Tobacco-free. Keeping in mind the health factor of the Paan lovers, there is a Paan for Diabetes patients which is sugar-free.

The Paan Story

The beautiful little paan store is owned and managed by Naushad Shaikh, an MBA graduate who earlier worked for a multinational company for a period of 9 long years before he finally decided to run his ancestral business by adding a special touch of his own to it.

A paan lover and a paan server himself Shaikh shared how the idea of “The Paan Store” was nothing but a U turn in his life and career of which he is extremely happy and proud of. Naushad has the plans to expand The Paan Story not just across India but across the globe.

The Store

Located in the bylanes of Mahim in Mumbai, it is a paradise for all paan lovers. The store stands out not only for the variety it offers but also for its extremely beautiful set up which gives the feels of having walked into a 5-star store quite literally.


Apart from the traditional meetha paan The Paan Story offers over 30 crazy and unheard flavours of Paans like the hazelnut paan, gulab jamun paan, ice cream paan, premium chocolate paan, pacari chocolate paan, paan shot, chocolate paan, ice paan, fire paan, and others which are all 100% tobacco free. 

They also cater to the paan cravings of diabetic people with their special Sugar free Paan. Their menu also consists of a specially curated paan for couples madly in love which is called “fragrance of love” and costs around Rs. 6,0000. 


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