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Earn 3.5 Lakh/Month – Job Includes Protecting Rare Species, Jetboat & Helicopter Rides

| Published on November 5, 2022

Will you believe us if we tell you that you can earn an amount of Rs. 3.5 lakh every month just by looking after cute birds and going around your workplace in helicopters and boats? Believe it or not, there is a country that is looking for candidates for this job.

Helicopter ride in New Zealand

The Department of Conservation, New Zealand has an open post for a biodiversity supervisor. The department advertised the job last month and has been struggling ever since for the right candidate. Only three applications came for this post within the country and that’s when New Zealand’s Department of Conservation decided to open the post to international candidates. After this, people from Sweden to Colombia have started applying for the job.

The Job Profile

Scenic beauty of Te Wāhipounamu

The job profile is fun, adventurous and includes a lot of sightseeing. The selected candidate will be expected to help the department in protecting rare species on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Essentially the task would be watching over rare species in this region, which includes a rare breed of Kiwi (the bird), penguins, lizards etc.

A Kiwi bird in New Zealand

Interestingly, the post of Biodiversity Supervisor involves hiking and riding in jet boats and helicopters and patrolling New Zealand’s picturesque landscape, which we all know is known for its spectacular beauty. The exact job location will be Te Wahipounamu which is famous for it’s beautiful mountain ranges, forests, and beaches and is classified as UNESCO World Heritage Area. Keeping all these factors in mind, people from all over the world have keenly applied for the post.

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Attractive Pay Structure

New Zealand’s Department of Conservation is not only giving these attractive perks but is also promising a handsome salary of NZ$90,000 a year which is approximately Rs 42 lakh. Quite a good salary for a job profile this interesting right? The department has received 1,400 applications so far from different parts of the world and the Operations Manager Wayne Costello is nothing less than overwhelmed.

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