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The Journey Of Two College-Dropout Brothers Who Founded 11 Companies

| Published on July 3, 2019

The Indian start-up world is emerging with every passing moment and accordingly, in numerous stories can be witnessed where common people are making a huge impact on society.

This is an extraordinary story of two brothers: Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia who with their constant hard work and passion became the Youngest Entrepreneurs of India. Both brothers have built almost a dozen companies in their one and a half year of career. Unbelievable, right?

Let’s take a dig into the inspiring story of the two brothers:

Early Life

The duo was born and brought up in Mumbai and started living their dreams at the age of just 13. Divyank used to love coding and he built his first game with his brother to monitor the growth & prices of the stock market. Their interest in coding actually started hampering their study. Divyank was somehow convinced to join B.Com. programme, but they never went to college rather they used to stay at home and learn to code.

After getting enough gripping on coding, they decided to start their company in 1998. As an initial capital, their father gave them ₹25,000 to start their business.

Initial Steps

Bhavin, then 18-year-old, and Divyank, then 16-year-old, started their first company Directi – a web hosting company providing website domain names and internet services to the other companies.

After some time, Bigrock was built under the same banner. Not only that ten more companies were launched under the same banner Directi.

The flight to success

In 2014, the Turakhia brothers sold four of their companies – LogicBoxes, Reseller Club, Bigrock and, to the US-Based web hosting company Endurance International Group in $160 million.

Last year too they sold their another company – Adsense company, founded in 2010, to the Chinese company for $900 Million and this was considered as the largest ad-tech deal with one of the largest bootstrapped cash exits globally.

Everything is achievable

After selling about their five companies, the Turakhia brothers were listed under India’s Richest person list of Forbes in 2016.

They have received awards for their work like Young Global Leader award by World Economic Forum in 2011 and Bharti Entrepreneur of the year award by Bharti foundation in 2005.

The current scenario

At present, Directi is having more than 1,000 employees and 10 million customers around the globe. Bhavin Turakhia is currently an owner of four companies: Flock (messaging app), Ringo software, Radix, and Zeta.

Each brother has personal property of worth ₹10,000 crores and known as one of the greatest personalities in Indian Ad-tech world.

Final Take!

The Turakhia brothers by their dedication and passion proved to the world that nothing is impossible if we want to attain something. Success comes to you only when you are completely determined and passionate about it.

They are an inspiration for today’s youth who think it’s only education that can lead you to the top.

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