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The Interesting Story Behind Jet Airways Logo

| Published on April 24, 2019

Not everyone and every day one gets the opportunity to design a logo for an International Airline brand. And so was the story of KV Sridhar who designed the logo of Jet Airways.

In his personal blog he shares his story and his journey of meeting, designing and finally presenting his design to the CEO of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal which went onto become one of the most popular logo designs in the world. 

While many us who lack the creativity would not quite understand the meaning and depth of the design but coming straight from the one who put it on to the papers it is an angled, oval sun with speed lines which his team referred to as “Flying Sun”.

KV Sridhar, who was closely associated with Goyal since the early stages shared about his vision and passion for the Airlines. He wrote, “Naresh Goyal was clear that he wanted to build the best airline in the world, he had the vision to fly international one day and compete with Singapore Airlines and British Airways. I did not know where to begin with Naresh’s world-class vision.”

With his days of research and detailed studying of logos of all possible airlines at the time, Sridhar  tried a 100 logo designs with the last one to not only become his favourite but also to be chosen as the official logo for Jet Airways but in reverse design. 

In the blog he shares how Goyal and his creative supporter Javed Akhtar liked the simplicity and the thought behind the logo and teased him saying that it looked like a “fetus image”. He adds that months later he was also appreciated by Akhtar and was told, “Good. You fetus turned into a healthy baby.”

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As for the story of the reverse logo, he says it remains a mystery to many but he revealed how he changed the logo which was supposed to have inward speed lines to outwards which went unnoticed by all including Naresh Goyal, CEO Jet Airways.

With Jet Airways shutting its operations after 25 years surely we have many memories to reminisce.

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