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The Great Khali Gains Support From Brands In Addressing Trolls

| Published on June 11, 2021

The Great Khali recently came into the spotlight owing to a debacle revolving around his comment section on Instagram. His handle was bombarded with comments which were borderline mean and rude and although they weren’t the hate comments that influencers are usually subjected to, they were still quite demeaning. In lieu of the events that took place, the comment section on Khali’s posts was restricted for a certain period of time however Khali recently denied the same. In a video shared on his handle by him, he stated that Instagram had certain guidelines when it came to the type of comments being displayed on the page and had as a result, limited or turned off the comments section on his posts.

Furthermore, he even shared a video addressing his audience and stated that he was missing their comments on his page. He expressed his gratitude to his audience for supporting his page and showing him all their love.

In light of these events that have transpired, Khali has been gaining much attention from his audience as well as brands alike. His recent brand collaborations have addressed the issue in unique ways while also encouraging people to engage with the professional wrestler.


This brand took the opportunity of addressing his trolls in the most outright manner possible. A video was shared on his Instagram page, which addressed the trolls and answered their comments by suggesting how Khali likes to do everything extra from eating, working out, to even shopping and saving via CashKaro.


With people getting more and more interested in cryptocurrency, this cryptocurrency exchange application roped in Khali to engage with his audience and communicate their offering.

HulkBoosters Nutrition

In their most recent marketing campaign, the brand is seen collaborating with The Great Khali. HulkBoosters Nutrition is endorsed by the World Heavyweight Champion, a brand that replicates his field of interest.

Villain Lifestyle

In a post shared by Khali, he is seen amplifying a contest alert under the hashtag #HeroNahiVillain wherein he urges his audience to comment a better caption to win an exclusive hamper by the brand.


Khali is seen urging his audience to create memes through the Memechat app which will also help them earn rewards. The purpose being that of spreading brand awareness of the Memechat app amongst their target audience. Khali will also be reviewing the memes as an additional offering.


Their 200ml bottle face wash by the brand is seen being promoted on Khali’s Instagram page which is compared to the wrestler himself.

The comment section on the professional wrestler’s page has been rife in the past few weeks and it’s safe to say that brands have been able to capitalise on the trend. They found an opportunity to address the trollers in a way that facilitated the purpose for the audience as well as themselves.

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