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The Features Of Google India Head Office Will Make You Feel Jealous

| Published on November 30, 2019

There are dream companies that earn a spot in every working amateurs want-to-be list. It is a dream on grounds of the functions, the brand positioning, the unmatchable reputation or the work culture.

And then there are companies that have all the three and makes it irresistible for every individual – One of them is Google. Google wins in terms of the vibe, the people, the work quality, the culture, the opportunities, and the recognition. A rare place where you get a win-win situation, everytime and everywhere. Infact, talking about work culture, the Google head office in Hyderabad is the best example of a dream place to be.

Check out its irresistible designs, décor, and spots below. Looks like its monopoly position wasn’t enough to keep you motivated:

1) Extraordinary reception area

The reception area is huge, filled with lounge chairs and extensively decorates during festivals. There is candy available while one waits and real-time experience of watching live Google searches on a big screen. Talk about in-house marketing? Oh, and there is a steel slide from the first floor to the ground floor, bringing childhood memories back.

2) Dining it fancy

Google has its own café D’art where it hosts amazing breakfast options for Googlers, ranging from Omelets to cereals to juices. It also hosts live counters for lunches and dinners along with loaded micro-kitchens for easy serves.

3) Fun never stops

Google understands the importance of recreation and fun amongst its employees to increase productivity. There are biweekly Zumba and yoga sessions in the office, a fun arena with TT, Foos, and Xbox setup. Oh, and there is a gym too! To top making knowledge fun, their library is nothing less than a state of the art facility.

If you are wondering, you don’t have to pay anything separately to encash all this, well, except being a Googler. The best of the best, Google Head office is here to raise the bar high.

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