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The ‘Best-Selling’ Smartphones In India (Q1 2021)

| Published on May 25, 2021

Apple Inc. has been the most popular and a leading name when it comes to smartphone manufacturing companies. The company has enjoyed unchallenged and undisputed leadership in the industry for many years. Apple’s iPhone 11 was the best-selling model in Q1 2020.

However, this year, iPhone 12 has become the best-selling model in Q1 2021. According to the Counterpoint Research Global Handset Model Tracker, Q1 2021, iPhone 12 has topped the list.

As per the research, the top 10 list of highest revenue grossing models in Q1 2021 was dominated by Apple and Samsung. It also suggests that the top 10 highest revenue-grossing smartphone models have captured nearly 46 percent of the global smartphone revenues. However, the top 10 best-selling models captured only 21% of the global smartphone volumes.

iPhone 12 Pro Max captured the highest revenue in the industry, followed by the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, and the S21 Ultra 5G.

In terms of volume share, iPhone 12 became the best-selling smartphone beating all other brands in the first quarter. The device next to the iPhone 12 is from Apple itself, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As per Counterpoint data, the iPhone 11 was the fourth best-selling phone in Q1 2021 after iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro.

The report suggests that the strong 5G upgrades along with pent-up demand and the ‘spillover of Apple’s demand due to the late launch’ were some of the factors that drove the volumes for Apple iPhones.

The Redmi 9A had high volume due to its strong performance and presence in the Indian and Chinese markets. Whereas, Redmi 9 performed well in the South East Asian market. The strong performance of the Redmi 9A, Redmi 9, and Redmi Note 9 helped Xiaomi maintain its pole position in the sub-$150 price band globally, capturing a 19% share in the segment.

Samsung was the only other brand in the top 10 list. The devices that made the list were the Galaxy A12, A21S, and A31 standing on the seventh, ninth and tenth positions respectively.

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