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The Art Of Asking Effective Questions To Your Tarot Reader

| Published on April 28, 2020

Do you know how to go about asking questions to your tarot card reader? The truth is that most of us end up paying a visit to the tarot reader without any idea of how to ask him questions, or which questions to ask. Simply shooting questions one after the other is never going to give you the answers you are looking for; there is an art of asking effective questions and that is something that you should seek to master first before you pay for a tarot card reading session.

Why is it important to learn the art of asking questions?

When you can ask the right questions you can get the proper insight into your future and unlock answers that you want. When questions are good, answers are bound to be satisfying; but, when questions are off the mark and confusing, answers will also be unsatisfying.

For instance, when you asked your tarot reader whether you will find true love ever in your life and drew a Hermit card, he said that you will spend your life alone. The result is that you are completely depressed with the reading because you think that you will never find true love.

However, instead of asking the reader “will you ever find love”, if you had asked him what you can do to get this love that you yearn for, the reading may have been more insightful. While this time also the Hermit card would be drawn, the reader would ask you to spend some time by yourself and reflect on the kind of relationship you wanted. This exercise would have helped you to focus on your innermost thoughts to find your true love. The end result is that you would have left the session feeling positive and motivated. Because you know now what to do to get the love you desire. So, the bottom line is that how you ask questions is linked directly to how you can get the best answers. You can initiate a love psychic chat with a reputed online psychic reading site and get your free tarot reading done for a firsthand experience.

Tips to ask good questions:

  • Your job is to ask open-ended questions and not “yes” and “no” questions. The latter makes sense when you are in need of an answer immediately but such answers do not allow deep reflection or consideration of a situation. So, these yes and no questions are close-ended questions that will only state what will and what will not happen. For example, rather than asking whether you will find love, you can ask how to go about finding new love. So, instead of starting your queries with “will”, “when”, or “should”, you must use words like “how”, “why”, and “what”.
  • You have to get to the core of the question right away. When you ask questions like how your soul mate will be, the reader cannot come up with something insightful for you even though he can start reading the few cards drawn up. Instead, if you asked him how you can identify when a person is right for you, you would have got tips on how to recognize your soul mate whenever he showed up in your life. You could ask your tarot card reader what you could do to attract this person towards you.
  • Your job is to keep asking follow-up questions. Every query can be sub-divided into many follow-up queries. By doing this, you can start to make your own customized tarot card spread. You may draw a card for each of these sub-set questions and you will get a completely customized in-depth reading from the reader.

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