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Elon Musk’s Tesla Files Trademark Infringement Case Against Tesla Power

Tesla has sued Tesla Power USA, an Indian battery manufacturer for trademark infringement and "unfair trade practices" involving the use of the Tesla trademark.

| Published on May 6, 2024

Elon Musk's Tesla Files Trademark Infringement Case Against Tesla Power

Tesla, the global electric vehicle manufacturing giant, has taken legal action against Tesla Power USA for trademark infringement over “unfair trade practices” related to the use of the Tesla trademark.

The Delhi High Court was told that Tesla Power USA ran advertisements in newspapers to announce the move. The matter was heard by Justice Anish Dayal on May 2.

During the hearing, the legal representatives for Tesla mentioned that a cease-and-desist notice was issued to Tesla Power USA in April 2022 and communications were exchanged between the two sides till March 2023 but the defendant company continues to promote their products using the Tesla trademark.

Furthermore, reports stated that Tesla Power’s proprietor had appeared before the Court and gave an undertaking stating that they have no intention of manufacturing electric vehicles and will not market other entities’ electric vehicles under the trademark or tradename Tesla Power USA or any other brand ‘deceptively’ similar to the word Tesla.

“He further states that they will not issue any promotional advertisements or material in relation to EV vehicles under their brand name/trade name. He further undertakes that defendants shall not use the registered device/logos of ‘TESLA’. The said undertaking is taken on record and the defendants will be bound by it,” the Court noted.

In its order, the Court stated “Counsel for defendants wishes to file a response and has handed up a set of documents in support of their defense. The same may be filed before the Court, as part of their reply to this application, with copy to the opposing counsel, within a period of 3 weeks from today. Rejoinder, if any, be filed thereafter before the next date. List on 22nd May, 2024.”

Tesla was represented by Senior Advocate Chander M Lall along with advocates Nancy Roy, Raghav Malik, Prakriti Varshney, Lalit Alley and Prashant. Whereas, advocates Anita Sahani and Mukes Vatsa represented Tesla Power.

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