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Tesla Loses $2 Billion After This Tweet From Elon Musk

| Published on July 18, 2018

Elon Musk has the knack of making things happen through his aggressive tweets. Controversial outcomes of his tweets aren’t new for Musk who frequently handles critics and investors betting against his company with impressive results.


Shares of Tesla have fallen 3.5 percent due to a tweet from Elon Musk directed at one of the British cavers involved in the rescue of 12 Thai children last week. This tweet made investors sell Tesla’s shares and withdrawing $2 billion off the company’s market value. Here is the tweet we are talking about :

Tesla shares reached $307.20 during trading hours on Monday from Friday’s close of $318.87.
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Musk must have realized his fault as he deleted the tweets after some time. Analysts and investors signal this as the beginning of the end for Musk. The tweet came after a spat Musk had with diver Vernon Unsworth, who had told that Musk’s rescue submarine was nothing but a “PR stunt.”
Although Musk didn’t mention the name of Unsworth in his tweets but he said he would make a video to prove that the device could have helped the rescue.


“It’s not finished. No justification. At the end of the day we were here to rescue 12 young boys. I don’t really understand the guy. Obviously, it’s a bruised ego. I’ll take advice when I get back to London,” Unsworth said in a recent interview.

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One of Tesla’s biggest investors advised Musk to focus on the core tasks of the company rather than giving replies on twitter. “We are very supportive, but we would like peace and execution at this stage,” James Anderson, said in a Bloomberg Television interview.

This is not the first incident when Tesla has experienced loss due to silly and outrageous tweets from Musk. Tesla’s shares fell 22 percent before Musk jokingly tweeted on April Fools’ Day that the company had gone bankrupt.

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