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Tata To Launch Indian Zara At Much Cheaper Prices

| Published on June 30, 2019

India has always been at pace with the latest fashion trends trending across the globe. People have become more aware of fashion in the last couple of years. According to a report from the World Economic Forum. India’s total household spending will quadruple from $1.5 trillion now to $6 trillion by 2030, making it world’s third largest consumer market.

One of the leading brands in Indian Fashion industry, ZARA, has always been considered as a luxury store. Not everyone in India has been able to afford its merchandise but has visited the store even if it’s been just for window shopping.

But now TATA Group, who have been Inditex SA’s partner, representing Zara stores in India, have decided to launch their own brand which will provide high end fashion line but at half the price.Its retail arm, Trent Ltd., has planned to get runway styles to customers in just 12 days, the same compressed timeline that’s turned Inditex into a $90 billion empire.

Noel Tata has said in an interview that Trent now plans to open up 40 new outlets of its flagship Westside chain every year and hundreds of its Zudio stores, where nothing costs more than $15, across India.

Trent, part of the $111 billion salt-to-software Tata conglomerate, is hoping its quick and responsive supply chain will help it become as ubiquitous in Asia’s third-largest economy as Zara is in the West. But it’ll need to fend off competition from both local brick-and-mortar stores as well as e-commerce giants to do so.

Even though Trent has ticked off all the right boxes, it might face some issues implementing its plan. They will have to survey all the competitive brands in the country to keep a tab on the western & ethnic styles they are offering at economic prices. But all in all, this will bring joy among the people when the latest trends of high-end brands will not leave a dent in our pockets anymore.

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