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Tata Steel To Wipro; These Major Companies Are Offering Permanent Work-From-Home To Some Roles

| Published on March 3, 2021

With the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns imposed in 2020, many companies all over the world had opted to implement a work-from-home model to keep things going. Almost a year since the global lockdown was imposed in 2020, though some companies have started calling their staff back to the office many leading brands are planning to shift to the work from home culture permanently.

As shared by LinkedIn and Economic Times, these are the major companies tha are identifying job roles where people can work remotely permanently.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel has recently introduced absolute work from home for certain roles on a permanent basis, its chief group HR officer, Atrayee Sarkar, told ET. Group firm Tata Consultancy Services has already said that three-quarters of its 448,000-strong workforce will work remotely by 2025.


The business daily quoted Vishpala Reddy, head of HR at Philips Indian Subcontinent as saying that “We are looking at niche skills as well as evaluating roles that can be fully remote.” She further added that employees can now choose to go back home and work from their native towns vis-à-vis staying in metros.

The remaining workforce at Philips will be following a 3:2 hybrid workplace model, where employees work three days in the office and two days remotely, depending on their roles.


Just like Philips, automaker Maruti is also planning on implementing an office model where a section of employees can choose to go back to their native towns and work while the rest will follow a hybrid workplace model. The permanently remote employees will not see any salary reduction, the two companies said.


Schneider has recently introduced a new global standard for hybrid working which is a mix of work from home and work from the office. As per Schneider’s new working model, a third of a team attends the office.

Schneider Electric India and South Asia chief HR officer Rachna Mukherjee expressed to ET that our assumptions of work, work-life, and workspace have been challenged and transformed in 2020 and there is no going back to the way we used to work.


Richard Lobo, Infosys’ head of HR told the business daily that it is their belief that talent models will change in the future with a mix of full-time employees who will work from offices as in the past and a combination of employees who will opt for partial or full remote working.

97% of employees at Infosys are working remotely as of now.


Wipro and Tech Mahindra have adopted a hybrid workplace model which means that people can do both WFH and attend physical offices on certain scheduled days.

Spotify & Salesforce

Globally, companies from Spotify to Salesforce have adopted either a blanket work from anywhere policy or a combination of full-time remote, flex, and office-based.

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