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Tata Motors’ Technologically Advanced Tata Trucks Are Here To Help Improve Truck Driver’s Productivity

| Published on March 31, 2023

The automobile industry in India has witnessed some of the best launches in the past few years. Leading the race is Tata Motors which has revolutionized the commercial range of vehicles.

Tata Motors has been continuously innovating its range of vehicles in order to make them more comfortable and technologically advanced for its loyal customers.

For its latest campaign, Tata Motors has highlighted the many ways through which Tata Truck drivers can increase their productivity and earn better than ever.

Tata Motors | Tata Signa

The various features that the Tata Trucks come pre-equipped with like Mechanically suspended seats, AC cabins, Tilt & telescopic steering, sleeper berth, and much more, Tata Motors is ensuring that the drivers are able to enhance their productivity and grow their business much more.

Tata Motors I Driver Fleetedge App

The Fleetedge app by Tata Motors is another step toward making it easy for truck drivers to enhance their vehicle’s mileage and longevity. The app has been developed with a very user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and helps truck drivers to earn more by following the easy tips to stay updated with the truck’s health, keep a tab on the mileage, and much more.

The Fleet Edge app is going to be the next big step in the field of commercial trucks and transportation. With the help of the app, business owners can collect substantial data that will be crucial in growing their business. The app keeps you up to date with the truck’s fuel efficiency, trip management, truck health, route planning, and petrol pumps on the route.

Small business owners can turn a leaf with how they run their business with the help of this app and have grown exponentially.

Tata Motors has been a pioneer in ensuring that the Indian automobile industry is at par with its international competitors. The creativity and innovation that the brand showcases with every passing year proves that Tata Motors will soon revolutionise how the Indian Trucks are run and how the truck owners grow their businesses.

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