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Tata Motors Showroom Staff Beats Frustrated Customers On Live Video

| Published on February 22, 2019

Nevertheless, the existence of so many automobile brands, we tend to buy from those who has never failed to break our trust in any terms be it the quality or hospitality.

Tata Motors Group, a $45 billion organization, is the largest Indian automobile manufacturer.  A company as magnanimous as this is expected to emanate the best hospitality, but sadly a video was uploaded by a customer which clearly shows a Tata Motors dealer beating him!

Here’s what exactly happened –

The video begins with the customer explaining how he booked a Tata Motors car in orange color with the payment of ₹11,000 to the dealership named Malwa Motors, Prashant Vihar, New Delhi.

After a long time, the customer was informed that Tata has stopped manufacturing the car with the orange shade and thus, he can choose a different color. The customer chose the silver color, with it he also booked specific accessories for the vehicle with an additional payment that was supposed to be equipped in the car on the day of the delivery.

Though the car was delivered on time, Malwa Motors said that the fittings will be installed the next day by a service person who will visit his house. The person didn’t come for the next three days. Finally, the person turned up with half the accessories that were bought and that too after repeated calls to Malwa Motors.

Frustrated by the whole scenario, the customer decided to interrogate the dealer on the camera but the officials started screaming and pushing him around as he entered the showroom.

The customer was very peaceful while asking the questions but the officials lost temper after watching him record the whole incident. One of them even threatened him of breaking his phone.  The customer had to eventually stop the recording after the officials constantly urged him to, but all the pushing and screaming was not needed.

This was not expected..

Buying a car is a dream come true for most Indians. They plan it for months, save for years and finally order the dream that they have been weaving for quite a while now. This kind of behavior from the dealers is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. They should be able to comply with the fact that for the middle-class a car is no less than a member of their small family.

Strict actions should be taken on the Malwa Motors by Tata Motors to ensure that this is not repeat in the future by any other company and teacher a good lesson to all such care dealers.

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