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Tata Motors Rolls Out New Ad Campaign For Fleet Edge Featuring Bollywood Actor Zakir Hussain

As part of the ad campaign, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has launched a series of ad films comprising 15, 20, 30, 40 and even 60 seconders which talk about the many features of the subscription-based service and app, Fleet Edge, such as fuel monitoring capability along with real-time insights on trip time, vehicle health, safety, engine mode and much more.

| Published on March 18, 2024

With an aim to make it easier for fleet owners and managers to plan and track their dedicated vehicles’ journeys, fuel efficiency, driver behavior and even vehicle health, Tata Motors unveiled a subscription-based service- Fleet Edge in 2020.

Via Fleet Edge, the fleet owners and managers can keep a track of real-time insights on trip time, vehicle health, safety, engine mode and much more on the app as well.

Most recently, in January, this year, Tata Motors’ Fleet Edge hit a milestone achievement of connecting Five Lakh Commercial Vehicles.

To increase the brand awareness on the same and popularize the subscription-based service, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle has also launched a series of feature-specific ad films comprising 15, 20, 30, 40 and even 60 seconders.

These ad films featuring Zakir Hussain, the actor behind Bollywood and OTT hits such as Farzi, Singham Returns, Andhadhun, Double Dhamaal, etc. bring to the forefront the various features and benefits one can avail by using Fleet Edge such as planning trips and calendar tasks for vehicle drivers, tracking geolocation of vehicles with greater accuracy in real time, analysing other vehicle details via virtual dashboard and live data amongst others.

The main 60 seconder film opens up with two truck drivers quareling over the fact that people trust papers more than the person in the heavy motor vehicle segment, especially when it comes to conversations around mileage.

Overhearing this, Hussain comes to the rescue and highlights that the documents in discussion here mention that the truck driver has engaged in harsh acceleration and used heavy engine mode multiple times which has resulted in excessive usage of diesel.

Upon hearing this, the truck driver gets inquisitive and questions him as to how the fleet manager got to know of all these details, to which Hussain responds that it has all happened due to Fleet Edge.

Following this, the driver mocks at him by stating that who would resort to an app to track such things. Soon after this, to his astonishment, he sees hundreds of hands raising around him in disagreement.

In the latter half of the ad, Hussain points out that to get better mileage, a majority of the population has started using Tata Motors’ Fleet Edge App as it provides one a one-stop-shop for tracking all things ranging from fuel efficiency to driving behaviour to the vehicle’s tracking, trip time, vehicle health, maintenance schedule, safety, engine mode, Gear Shift Advisor, fuel monitoring and more.

The ad film then concludes with the tagline- ‘Karo Mileage Control Mein, Business Control Me, Life Control Me’.

Here are some of the ad films that the brand has rolled out as part of its latest campaign for Fleet Edge:

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