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Tata Motors Comes Up With A Features-Packed Ad Campaign For BS6 Phase2 MHCV Range

| Published on April 12, 2024

Focusing on the vision to provide all the required facilities in today’s BS6 mobility era, Tata Motors has launched a Tamil ad campaign comprising 14 films to promote its BS6 Phase2 MHCV Range having multi-mode fuel economy switch, gear shift advisor, hill start assist, reverse-view camera, and many more exciting features.

Known for its dedication to fulfill the demands of each customer, Tata Motors’ Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles segment has launched a feature-packed ad campaign to highlight its brand proposition- ‘Experience The Power Of 6, Experience The Power of Change’ for its latest addition to the BS6 range.

The ad campaign, which has been rolled out in Tamil language to target the southern region, comprises a total of 14 videos that highlight and delve deep into one feature at a time.

One of the launched ads highlights that Tata Motors BS6 Phase 2 commercial vehicles now come with a multi-model fuel economy switch throws light on the fact that the new innovative mode selector allows drivers to choose between three different modes—light, medium, and heavy—according to different road conditions and aids in saving fuel costs and increasing profitable operations.

Recognizing how the risk of rolling backward while driving on steep slopes troubles truck drivers, Tata Motors has also rolled out an innovative feature called Hill Start Assist which helps in improving overall safety when switched on.

Similarly, another ad conveys how the Gear Shift Advisor feature allows one to predict the optimal time to upshift or downshift based on load and road conditions, which not only helps in saving fuel and reducing operating costs, making operations profitable, but also extends clutch life.

In addition to these, the brand has also made specific ad films to focus on how Tata Motors’ BS6 Phase 2 Range leverages Fleet Edge to tap into advanced features like fuel theft detection and real-time notifications, amongst others.

Taking the graphical representation route to promote the Engine Break system feature, the brand has also showcased how improving braking performance has reduced the risk of accidents on descents, as this particular feature prevents over-speeding and improves brake liner life.

Apart from these, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has also launched feature-specific ad campaigns to promote the benefits of having a Truck Hub Unit, Mode Shift Advisor, Reverse View Camera, Cruise Control, Firmware over the air, Electronic Stability ControlAutomatic Traction Control, Collision Mitigation System and Lane Departure System

All these features and upgrades are a result of the brand’s aim to take its customers’ business to greater heights in the BS6 era by emphasising on enhanced performance, lower total cost of ownership, comfort, convenience, choice, connectivity and total peace of mind.

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