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Tata Motors Promotes Its BS6 Phase 2 Ready Trucks by Focusing On Fuel-Efficient And Safety-Friendly Features

| Published on October 20, 2023

Tata Motors has been leading India’s automobile industry because of its consistent innovative work. The brand has built its name by being the fastest to adopt industry norms. The BS6 Phase 2 adoption is a prime example of this. Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has been extremely quick to introduce RDE (Real Driving Emission) and E20-compliant engines in their commercial vehicles.

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has introduced its BS6 Phase 2 Ready trucks, equipped with some technologically advanced features that have been added to make the driving experience better and more efficient.

Not only the features, but the way Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has been promoting them is refreshing and informative at the same time. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Tata Motors – BS6 Phase2 Ready – Lane Departure Warning System

The Lane Departure Warning System is extremely beneficial to avoid accidents, as it alerts the driver with a sound alarm so that the vehicle can be controlled well. The mishaps that occur due to driver distractions can be reduced because of this feature.

Tata Motors – BS6 Phase2 Ready – Collision Mitigation System

This feature uses advanced camera and radar technology in such a way that the driver gets alerted first. If the driver doesn’t make any changes, the speed of the vehicle automatically decreases to avoid any collisions.

Tata Motors – BS6 PHASE2 Ready – Low CRR Tyres

The BS6 Phase 2 Ready vehicles by Tata Motors come with low CRR tyres. These tyres help reduce costs with better fuel efficiency.

Tata Motors – BS6 PHASE2 Ready – Engine Brake

During downhill operations, there is a higher risk involved while applying brakes. To solve this, the new Tata Motors vehicles are equipped with Engine Brake System. This not only increases the braking efficiency but also improves the brake life by 20%.

Tata Motors – BS6 PHASE2 Ready – Reverse View Camera

Reversing a vehicle is a daunting task; even for the most experienced, there is a fraction chance of misjudgements. For this, the BS6 Phase 2 ready vehicles by Tata Motors come with a Reverse View Camera which shows the rear view of the vehicle on the dashboard. This simply helps in safely parking the vehicle without the need for any extra individual.

Tata Motors – BS6 Phase2 Ready – Mode Shift Advisor

The Mode Shift Advisor helps in picking the right mode according to the need. This feature constantly analyzes driving patterns and provides the driver with the best possible mode to gain maximum fuel savings.

Tata Motors BS6 Phase2 Ready – Automatic Traction Control

In off-road driving conditions where it becomes difficult to maintain balance while driving, the Automatic Traction Control comes into play. Using Differential Brake Control and Engine Torque Control, this feature provides stability, increases traction, and prevents the vehicle from getting stuck.

Tata Motors – BS6 PHASE2 Ready – Unitized Wheel Bearing

For proper performance, vehicles require proper maintenance and greasing. For that, the BS6 PHASE2 vehicles come with Unitized Wheel Bearing feature, which does not require greasing for up to 6 years or 6 lakh kilometers. This results in reducing maintenance costs and saving time..

The language and the way in which Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles has promoted these features is something that all other brands can learn from. The videos are informative, to-the-point and explain the benefits of BS6 Phase2 Ready vehicles with some practical examples.

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