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Tata Launches Ecosystem To Achieve Nation’s Ambition Of Clean Vehicles

| Published on February 2, 2020

There are a lot of talks going about electric cars. Government is pushing passenger vehicle manufacturers to manufacture more and more electric cars.


Well, it seems like an easy task but, it is not only about producing electric cars. The country needs the whole ecosystem to make this possible which includes setting up charging stations, building battery recycling plants, and setting up battery manufacturing plants. That’s why on Tuesday Tata Group launched an ecosystem.

Guenter Butschek, managing director at Tata Motors, said, “This is the launch of an ecosystem, which is the real need, not just another vehicle launch.”

Tata Motors, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power and Tata Croma, a chain of stores selling consumer electronics, are pooling resources and expertise to build an electric vehicle ecosystem, senior executives told reporters in Mumbai.

The plans were announced ahead of the launch of Tata Motors’ electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) Nexon EV, which was attended by N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons, the automaker’s parent group, and family patriarch Ratan Tata.

Tata Power, which has set up 100 charging stations, will add another 650 in more than 20 major Indian cities over the next year, the company’s CEO Praveer Sinha said.

All stations will support fast charging and will be linked to a mobile application, which has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for payments and to check the availability of chargers, Sinha said.

Tata will use its chain of Croma stores to display digitally its EVs, and some stores could offer test drives and charging stations and may even sell cars.

Tata Chemicals CEO Ramakrishnan Mukundan said, “Tata Chemicals has built a battery recycling centre and acquired land to set up a battery manufacturing plant that is expected to be ready in 3 years.”

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Source: in.finance.yahoo.com

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