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Taneira Shows How Every Woman Is Unique Yet Relatable With ‘Like No Other’ Campaign

| Published on November 3, 2018

With Diwali around the corner, festive preparations, celebrations and shopping are in full swing. It is also that time of year when brands, especially in the lifestyle category come together to produce some of their best work – feel good consumer campaigns that engage with the audience around the theme of festivities. This year, Taneira, the youngest brand from the house of TATA launched their festive campaign Like No Other, to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of every woman through the lens of Indian festivities.

Emanating from the thought that each woman is one of a kind, just like every Taneira saree, Taneira has launched two films that display a refreshing take on how the protagonist is rooted in tradition yet gives her own unique twist to it, making it contemporary & personalised.

The first film “How Jaya Does Bhajans” opens on a normal evening of bhajans with the family, where Jaya joins in the melodies of the evening, with her own personal twist on them.  The second film “How Riya Makes Barfi” celebrates a warm moment of festivity between a mother & her children, who brings alive a household festive tradition in her own fun & unique way which makes her, her.

The idea is to recognise the unique but relatable quirks of women everywhere: something that brings a smile to the audience & perhaps reminds them of that someone in their circle who is the same kind of special. You can watch the videos below:



Talking about the campaign, Shyamala Ramanan – Business Head, Taneira said:

“Each woman is unique in her own right. She makes rules for herself along the way. She holds on to some traditions, adopts some from her friends and family, creates new ones relevant to her. This campaign celebrates, her choices, her style, her individuality in bringing people together – Taneira, like no other.“

Like No Other from Taneira celebrates the fact that every woman has her own charm & playfulness which makes her unlike anyone else. The campaign is a welcome break in saree advertising and quietly transcends the boundaries of age, profession & relations, which is generally the norm used to describe a woman, by celebrating unique yet relatable quirks that make every woman, special.

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