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It Takes Just 3 Minutes To Chill A Drink With SwiftChill, An Innovation Worth The Wait!

| Published on August 9, 2018

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In this instant world, we need everything fast and quick, but there have been some things wherein we did not have much control. For example, If you put a drink to chill in the fridge or even the freezer, it will take at least a couple of hours for it to chill, sometimes even more. For the heating purpose, the microwave was the answer to this quick-heating solution, within seconds and minutes, we can now heat our food and even the cooking process is faster. Similarly, SwiftChill is the answer to quick chilling.

How Quick?

Well, it takes just about 3 minutes to chill a can of beer, isn’t that super quick? Yes, it is and that’s exactly how fast SwiftChill is. In one go it can take up to2-3 cans of beer or a standard bottle of wine. Not just that, but it also allows user to decide and maintain the temperature you want your drink to chill at. Especially in cases of wines, different wines are supposed to be had at different temperatures, for example, whereas a red wine would take about 3 minutes to chill to the desired temperature, a white wine would need up to 5 minutes, in this super convenient and portable mini refrigerator.

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The Technology


SwiftChill needs no ice and only uses water was a medium to refrigerate. “Generally, there are three mediums by which you can chill anything – air, water, and ice,” explains Shetty, co-founder of Comfort Products Pvt Ltd(SwiftChill). “A conventional refrigerator uses air – that is, when you place a bottle, the conduction process or transfer of energy happens through that medium. With SwiftChill, this happens through a (chilled) water bath. So the principle is almost similar to that of a refrigerator, except for the conduction medium,” he adds.


Needs No Ice– It uses water as a medium to chill
Free Size Tray– One size fits all, whether a beer can, a wine bottle or a soda bottle
Energy Efficient– Because of fast chilling, saves a lot of energy in comparison to the conventional way, hence adding to the carbon footprints.

Safe and User-Friendly– Easy to use and extremely safe
Continous Chilling– It can keep chilling multiple cans and bottles in quick succession, your party won’t stop with it.

Aesthetically Designed– Modern designing, beautiful to look at, it adds value to your kitchen/bar
Portable– Its compact model makes it very easy to carry around.
Relishable Temperatures– Chills drinks at their desired temperatures.

Way Forward


Though the company has already exhibited in Milan and Chicago and won accolades at the to being FICCI’s India Innovation growth program by being nominated in top 5, Comfort Products was also the runner-up at BITS Pilani’s international startup challenge, The Grand Finale of Conquest, where close to 1200 startups participated, they haven’t officially launched in the Indian market yet. They have set up an R&D office in Mumbai and will soon launch the product. The price is expected to be around 7500 Rs- 10000 Rs.

Do you look forward to this product?

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