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Swiggy’s Instamart Re-Creates Classic Ads To Convey Their Fast Delivery Service Message

| Published on November 28, 2021

2006 gave us the ad featuring the goofy twin characters of Suresh and Ramesh, munching calmly on 5star, oblivious to everyone else, happy with their bar of chocolate. The Liril ad featuring Karen Lunel, that was designed by advertising genius Alyque Padamsee, was the stuff of genius back then. The “Kya Aapke toothpaste mein namak hai” line, instantly rings a bell and music genius Zakir Hussain playing the table featuring the Taj Mahal in the background, invokes nostalgia. And riding on the popularity of all these ads, Swiggy, has all of these ads re-created to highlight the grocery delivery services of its Instamart wing.

Waah Taj

In the ad, a musician imitating the legendary Zakir Hussain, runs out of tea while playing the tabla. And to save the day, an Instamart delivery executive delivers the needful in no time.


The ad has the wacky twin duo coming to a tailor to alter their trouser, and only find empty 5Star wrappers in their pockets. To this, a female Instamart delivery executive hands over two bars of the famed chocolate.


The ad has a young woman in a green top enjoying herself near a waterfall, and her green soap falls into the gushing water. With foam on her face, its difficult for her to search for a soap, to which the brands delivery executive arrives with one for her immediately.


An old lady does not have salt for her meal, and there enter two reporters with the pertinent question “Kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai?”. With no salt for even her meal, forget toothpaste, the angry lady is consoled when the delivery agent hands her a pack of salt.

The ads highlight their delivery times to be within 15-30 mins of placing the order. They invoke a feeling of nostalgia and do a good job of conveying the fast delivery service message through them.

The Bengaluru-based food delivery platform launched Instagram in 2020, to facilitate quick grocery delivery during the pandemic. The delivery service is now present in many cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida, Chennai and Hyderabad. It is different from Swiggy stores, that was discontinued last year.

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