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Swiggy Started A Musical Trend On Twitter. See How Spotify Turned It Into Marketing

| Published on August 24, 2019

Twitter got served!

Brands on social media have been wrecking havoc with their on-point creativity game but lately, they are more than often now seen engaging with brands. A recent tweet from Zomato, “Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye” instantly went viral when other brands participated and replied to their tweet the savage way. Similarly, Google’s “We really really…want to know” successfully managed to get the attention of brands as they couldn’t help their participation.


Playing by the same rule Swiggy and Spotify collaborated to serve Twitter the perfect opportunity to interact with the brands as they served them with the possible best combination of good food and good music. 

It began with a seemingly random tweet initiated by the food delivery platform.

To which Spotify replied:

The conversation continued when Swiggy asked what were they to serve when Spotify replied “Playlists”.

Spotify explained the idea in its next tweet which was then followed by the silly puns from both brands.

They soon raised the stakes of the engagement by making it a contest. However, the contest ended within 8 hours once it was well-received by Twitterati and saw more than just comments pour in.

The instructions of the contest were:

The engagement with the post went beyond likes and retweets as people commented on the original Tweet with their playlists and music suggestions.

Swiggy and Spotify both made it a point to engage with the users throughout.

Well, quite a plan!

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