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Swiggy Delivery Guy Goes Viral For His Impressive Paintings

| Published on January 11, 2020

Mostly, we do not indulge in a conversation with Swiggy delivery executives but thankfully Nikhil George did only to find out that the executive was holding a passion for creating awesome paintings.

The executive’s name is Vishal Samjiskar and as soon as his talents were exposed to Nikhil, he did not wait to post about the situation on Twitter. Luckily, it got viral in a very short time!

Swiggy Delivery Executive’s Paintings Went Viral!

Nikhil’s tweet got around 5.7k retweets and 11.7k likes, and hundreds of comments for inquiries, as well. People did not get tired of praising Vishal’s paintings and Nikhil’s will to be a messenger to spread such talent in the world.

Pooja Bhatt, the director, and producer in Bollywood commented and asked the way to reach Vishal for his paintings.

Not just people, Swiggy, itself, commented and appreciated the situation and expressed their gratitude for Vishal being a part of their team.

Vishal Samjiskar is also running an Instagram account and we all should come forward and give it a “Follow” click and support his work so that it can flourish more!
We never know the real, true, and the purer identities of people till the time efforts are not made to reveal it. We should all quit judging by appearances and this story was the biggest example to prove the statement!

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