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Swiggy Announces ‘Meat Delivery’ Service With Interesting Mailers To Customers

| Published on December 13, 2020

With the onset of the pandemic, online food delivery apps have been evolving with time to meet the demands of their customers. A couple of months back, Swiggy, one of the leading food delivery apps in India, added grocery delivery to the list of services provided on the app.

People have been confined to their homes since March and restaurants were shut for the majority of the year. This gave rise to the business of online grocery delivery which promised zero contact and safe shopping. Swiqqy jumped in on the opportunity and people could order groceries from its app too.

But the concept of growth is ever demanding. This has led Swiggy to take a step forward and start the service of Meat Delivery on the app too. The online delivery giant will be now competing with well-established meat delivery apps like Zappfresh, Licious, FreshToHome, etc.


Swiggy’s chief operating officer Vivek Sunder was quoted saying, “We want to be the king of convenience in the hyperlocal market, and want to eradicate unnecessary trips for consumers.”

Before introducing this service, the food delivery brand first took the job of R&D and decided to associate with the best of the meat stores in each locality. And what best way to that than getting first-hand information from their customers?

Took make things more interesting, Swiggy was seen sending mailers where they asking customers to name the best meat shops in their locality. The mailers cheekily read, “Everyone’s heard of your famous Biryani. Now we want to know who’s behind the meat for it.”

The brand saw a bulk load of reverts from its loyal customers and on the basis of the info collected, the company was able to make associations with the suppliers and feature them on their apps. They shared an updated mailer to thank their customers and introduced the meat delivery service amongst many others.

Swiggy Announces 'Meat Delivery' Service With Interesting Mailers To Customers

Pre-established apps like Licious and FreshToHome have already made a user base of trusted clientele and have been delivering quality food in many cities. While Swiggy is entering their forte, the apps also have offline stores which will also feature on Swiggy giving a fair chance for each to grow.

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