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Your Swiggy, Amazon Or Myntra Can Soon Be Delivered By A Woman

| Published on February 22, 2019

Women empowerment works when women help other women climb up the economic ladder and change societal norms without necessarily making noise about equality. Just asking for equality while doing nothing to achieve it, is in no way going to be of any help.

So Today, we are going to present to you the change, that women are capable of working in any and every field, even in blue-collar job profiles.

Women on the wheels:

The modern organizations are actively encouraging women to build a new job profile and earn extra income in their spare time. These enterprises are actively including women as delivery personnel, an all-male blue-collar workforce until recently.


Based in Bengaluru, Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivering service, which has its own fleet of more than one lakh delivery personnel. It is now actively including female delivery staffs, the first of which were hired in Pune in 2016 and now have 200 female delivery staffs across 13 cities.

Pooja P Jain

She joined Swiggy three months ago, when she did 15 deliveries per day and is now a fleet manager in charge of a team of delivery girls.


The e-commerce giant, Amazon has three delivery stations across the country that is all-women, namely Chennai, Chandigarh and Dhule. It has a strength of 50 women who are part of the service pattern who deliver packages within a radius of 2-3 km of the delivery station.

Jayasudha Balaji

She is an Amazon delivery associate from Chennai exclaims her relief about the job, where she initially was nervous but gradually when the customers started getting used to them she never faced any derision.


Just as the companies were focusing on delivery services, Myntra launched its ‘Kirana’ network programme in 2017, basically focusing on the last-mile delivery to a point closest to the delivery address. Women at Kirana stores are actively getting involved and have, so far, made Myntra to tie up with more than 9000 stores including tailors and beauty parlors across 50 cities.

Maria Tony

She runs a Kirana store in a village of Telangana joined Myntra’s Kirana network programme eight months ago and is now delivering parcels within a radius of 5 km of her store.

Safety measures:

Apart from providing training for the female delivery staffs, companies are going the extra mile to provide them security measures. Women riders mostly work in the business districts and business-oriented suburbs which are safe zones for them.

Most of the female delivery staffs keep a can of pepper spray with them to counter an emergency. But there has been no such incident where the female delivery staffs have reported an encounter of such a degree. Instead, people are happy to see women getting into the shoes of men and laying a stepping stone towards the change.

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