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Sweden’s Lund University Is Fed Up Because Of Indians Mocking On Facebook

| Published on July 29, 2020

Languages have provided humans a great medium to communicate with others. With people living in different parts of the world using different languages, a lot of times we see that there are words that have different meanings in different languages. There are examples where even brands faced backlash due to the meaning of their products meant something weird in some other country and people belonging to that place opposed the brand.

What makes us talk about this topic now is that one of the top 100 universities in the world, Lund University from Sweden has recently shared that its name has been getting mocked from many years by Indians online. To know the meaning of the word ‘Lund’ in the Swedish language, we used Google translate which resulted in showing “Grove” which means “A grove is a group of trees that are close together”

According to IndiaToday, The Facebook page of Lund University has recently released a statement that spoke about the name of the university and how it is rediscovered by students from various countries again-and-again. The statement read that the university is aware of the fact that its name means absolutely something else in their language.

The statement read, “We have had this Facebook page for ten years now and every now and then it is ‘rediscovered’ by students in certain countries who spread it to their friends. We are well aware that our name is entertaining to you and with thousands of languages in the world, there will of course always be words that sound funny in another language. Lund is the name of a medieval town in Southern Sweden. The word means “green area” and is pronounced in a very different way in Swedish than the word that you are thinking of in your language (sic).”

Source: IndiaToday

Even netizens are expressing their views on this.

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