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SW Network Secures Media Mandate Of Chic Fashion Brand- Nef’s Find

To enhance its brand visibility and expand market presence through innovative media avenues, Nef’s Finds, a sustainable and chic fashion brand, has entrusted SW Network (formerly Sociowash) with its media mandate.

| Published on July 11, 2024

SW Network Secures Media Mandate Of Chic Fashion Brand- Nef's Find

An integrated advertising agency which recently transformed from being Sociowash to SW Network has won the media mandate of Nef’s Finds after a multi-agency pitch.

As part of the mandate win, the Pranav Bagai and Raghav Bagai-led SW Network’s Delhi Headquarter will be dedicated to enhancing brand perception and expanding its reach through strategic media initiatives.

Founded by Nefertari Joshi who also serves the role of CEO at the company, Nef’s Finds stands out in the consumer market segment with a ‘strong’ and ‘unwavering’ commitment to sustainable yet chic fashion that resonates with youthful vigor and effortless styling.

Commenting on the win, Raghav Bagai, Co-founder, SW Network, “The rise of slow fashion in India, particularly among the youth, is a trend we’ve been closely watching. Our collaboration with Nef’s Finds is a testament to our shared vision of blending creativity with strategic impact. We are excited to craft compelling narratives that capture the essence of Nef’s Finds’ slow fashion ethos, fostering a more meaningful connection with their audience.”

To this, Neferati Joshi, Founder and CEO, Nef’s Finds, said, “Nef’s Finds has always believed in clothing and accessories that transcend seasons and celebrate the spirit of endless summers and carefree moments. We see this collaboration with SW Network as a strategic move that will amplify our brand narrative and engage with a wider audience that values sustainable and stylish choices. Our aim at Nef’s Finds is to redefine fashion norms while creating a more sustainable and exclusive experience.”

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