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Survey Reveals India’s Most Patriotic Brands. Check This To Know

| Published on August 14, 2018

Independence day is something that unites the whole nation. No matter what religion or region you along, this day makes us feel that somehow we all are connected to something common. Brands play a vital role in sharing the feeling of patriotism and a survey from YouGov has revealed the most patriotic brands in India.


The survey covered 152 leading brands in India belonging to 11 categories. According to the report published by YouGov, The word patriotism holds a different meaning for different people. Everyone tends to believe they are patriotic but 42% feel they are patriotic being parents and 32% want the future generation to be more patriotic than them.

Around 55% said that they are proud to be Indians, close to 43% of the remaining said they are proud but want some changes. If given a chance, 45% of Indians agreed on moving out of the country.

Mutli-cultural, agricultural, historic, beautiful, traditional, spiritual, are the words most people feel about India. Around 25 percent hate India as they want the country to be a safe place to live in.

Indians are considered to be emotional people and becoming successful in the country needs a brand to connect with the audience emotionally. In India, purchase decisions are fuelled by emotions as much as they are by need and satisfaction. And patriotism is one such emotion. The survey also showcases brands that are perceived to be the most patriotic by Indians.

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Most Patriotic brands


State Bank of India is perceived to be the most patriotic brand in India, followed by Tata Motors and Patanjali. The financial sector has been the leader in terms of most trusted and patriotic brands as SBI and LIC are top on the list, followed by auto, consumer goods, food and telecom sector.

Tata Motors (30%) is ahead of Bharat Petroleum (13%) and Maruti Suzuki (11%). In the beverages category, Tata Tea is a winner by a long distance.



Surprisingly, BSNL is ahead of Reliance Jio, to be the most patriotic brand in the telecom sector.



Paytm is at the top in online based brands followed by Flipkart and Amazon.



Nirma is the most patriotic in the homecare products category as the brand connects with consumers due to its affordable pricing and the iconic dancing girl.

Personal care


Patanjali has beaten Dabur and Vicco in personal care space. Also, Patanjali Dant Kranti is ahead of Colgate, Dabur Red and Vicco Vajradanti as the most patriotic brand in the oral care.



Amul has dominated Patanjali in the food sector.

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