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Surrogate Marketing: How Brands Smartly Promote Products Which Are Banned To Advertise

| Published on November 17, 2020

Marketing is an excellent way for brands to spread awareness about their products but have you wondered how big companies promote things like tobacco and liquor that are banned to advertise directly? Well, today we are going to explore this interesting topic which is undoubtedly something worth knowing as a Marketing enthusiast.

Surrogate Marketing

The marketing term which defines such practices is called Surrogate Marketing. For your knowledge, Surrogate means ‘Substitute” In easier terms, in surrogate marketing, brands launch extensions of the original product under the same name so that people can recall the banned products through the substitute that is being advertised. These substitute products are often playing cards, mineral water, club soda or holidays.

Such brands attract their target audience by sponsoring glamorous events also. Gifting tees, caps, key chains, drinking glasses with the brand name displayed on these products are also a popular way to keep the main product in the mind of customers.

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Indian Government has become very strict regarding surrogate ads and this is making companies use more innovative strategies. Even Surrogate Marketing has evolved with time as brands are now switching to online marketing by associating with web series on OTT platforms and other forms of video content on YouTube because of lesser restrictions.

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