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Support Jitendra Rai In ‘Period Poverty’ Campaign

| Published on September 30, 2020

What is Period Poverty? Why is it so important to eradicate this issue from India? Currently, Jitendra Rai initiated the Period Poverty campaign to distribute free sanitary napkins to more than 2000 women in the village of Versova, Yari Road, Mumbai. Have you gone through this campaign drive yet? Check out this video.

What is the Period Poverty Campaign?

A number of women living in the slum areas have no or poor access to good living conditions and personal hygiene. Usually, a piece of cloth is utilised to control the heavy period flows which are unhygienic for a woman’s health and also exposes them to a number of UTIs and other diseases. So how does the campaign solve their issue?

Personal hygiene is a very important piece of education that needs to be imparted to all the women in the world. Sanitary napkins are not that expensive. The issue is that the quality of education imparted so far is not enough to reach these women, and apparently there are a lot of them. Jitendra Rai’s team has been working relentlessly for more than 4 months now to ensure that these women get the necessary education about period hygiene and pass it through word of mouth to their friends, family and offsprings. Every woman matters so does every girl. So why leave education out of their lives that could enlighten them and help them with these basic needs?

Jitendra Rai also pointed out that the cost of one pad i.e., Rs. 30 was not a big deal for these women. What was lacking was the fact that they did not realise how important menstrual hygiene was. Sanitary pads are healthier to use and prevent unnecessary skin diseases, keeping a woman safe. Wouldn’t you contribute to a goal like this?

How can you help?

Milaap, the fundraising organisation, has always helped individuals and communities in connecting with the country and subsequently the world. You can do your part in helping these women by donating as little as Rs. 50. Help their cause to spread quality education among these women in Versova today. Check this link to donate something for the cause and raise awareness.

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