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3 minutes read

‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh Is Offering Help To Her Fans For Fulfilling Their Dreams

| Published on November 12, 2017

Lilly Singh always does something to give back to the society for the fame and love she has been receiving for years. On the occasion of completing 1000 Vlogs, the Superwoman of internet tweeted her fans to wait for something special. This is what she wrote on Twitter-

Most of her fans expected this to be something funny or a new project but what we can never know whats on this girl’s mind. She wrote a tweet that read “What are some of the specific challenges you’re facing in life right now? Tweet me the details. xo”

This was a great platform for her fans to speak about the challenges and difficulties they face but most of them didnt knew why Lilly was doing it.
One of her fans replied with the problem of not having money for GRE.

Look how our Superwoman responded on this

Lilly even googled things for helping her fans.

Hitting gym is very important and Lilly knows that

We all can just imagine how amazing these people will be feeling after these replies of Liily. She really cares for her fans and this yet again proves the beauty of her heart.

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