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Supermarket Brand Tesco Goes Viral On Twitter By Offering Free Meal For Zero Likes

| Published on November 11, 2020

Social Media is a place where we see people craving likes, comments and reach. Especially brands take such numbers very seriously and they see their followers on social media as potential customers. Thus, to lure online users we see brands offering exciting discounts and free products with contests. These contests help brands to get good reach on social media with a result of increase in followers. This infinite race has grown heavily in the past few years as the competition online is increasing.

What makes us write this article is the clever use of Tesco by offering free meals to online users for getting zero likes, comments and retweets.

The online contest has got over 123.1K retweets and 16.5K likes till the time of writing this article. These numbers are huge considering other similar campaigns.


The interesting thing about this campaign is that people are actually more eager to retweet and like posts of others so that no one can win this. Many were seen begging for not liking which is rare and there are funniest replies by people.

The competition has ended and Tesco has tweeted about this already:

This has created curiosity among the online audience:





Interesting move right? Well, this once again proves that social media if used well can get a huge response. All you have to do is be original and know the psychology of audience.

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