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Super Interesting Facts About Bata That Will Surprise You

| Published on April 30, 2020

Bata has been a popular shoe brand for decades now. Do you remember your parents buying you these shoes when you were a kid? You must’ve bought them for school, or your dad might have purchased a pair for his office. While you might have worn many shoes from this iconic brand, we have collated some facts that you probably were not aware of.

The Indian Middle-Class Brand

Bata has been a household name in India for a long time now. With so many up and coming shoe brand in the market, Bata has solidified a sense of trust in us like no other.

Made Its Way Into India Gradually

It was in the 1930s when India’s footwear experience was dominated by Japanese imports. At that time, Bata started operations on a small scale from Kolkata, West Bengal, and gradually paved its way. In 1939, the company had 4,000 employees and at least 86 outlets. It also has its own leather-based factory in Patna called Bataganj.

Bata-Shoemaker For Indians From The 1930s

Bata University

Did you know that your favourite shoe brand also has a University of its own? The company established a University in Czech Republic called the Tomas Bata University in 2001. Specialising in courses related to technology, economics, art, logistics and humanities, the university sees an enrollment of at least 9000 students every year.

Tomas Bata University ranked top university established in Czech ...

Aren’t you proud of your own Indian shoe brand?

Source: Economic Times

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