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Sunny Oil Highlights Challenges Faced By Women With #LifeAapkiRecipeAapki Campaign

| Published on September 2, 2019

Women play a crucial role in modern households. They are confident and know exactly where they want to go. Still, there are moments when they face the dilemma of taking external help or trusting their own instinctive choices to take a decision.

Sunny Oil’s latest campaign- #LifeAapkiRecipeAapki highlights such situations faced by women. As a part of this campaign, the brand has launched 3 TVCs showcasing three different situations. Two out of these are bringing out situations that every modern woman can easily relate to. In the first, a mother finds out that her teenage son is watching porn on her cellphone. The other one features a woman who is face to face with complications regarding her pregnancy. In simple words, both situations ask a woman to make a choice. The 3rd TVC focuses on the product’s immunity building properties.

The campaign is not limited to TVCs and offline activations. To ensure maximum reach, the message is being amplified digitally by Schbang via social media platforms over the next few months using engaging quizzes, influencer led conversations and much more.

Talking about the campaign, Prashant Sarwade – Head of Marketing, Frigorifico Allana Pvt Ltd. said

“Being a challenger brand in a highly undifferentiated commoditized category, Sunny needed a narrative that could strike the right emotional chord with today’s woman, helps build preference for the brand and in the process also builds a differentiated emotional territory that could be leveraged for multi category play in the future. Our new campaign Life Aapki, Recipe Aapki is a life inspired progressive conversation that depicts real life everyday situations and acknowledges the difficult choices women have to make in such situations. We believe Sunny can be that positive voice which helps build a deeper connect with the new age women.”

Conceptualized and created by The Womb, the idea behind this campaign is not to provide a solution for women but encourage them to trust their inner instinct and choose the “right” path. After all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to such decisions, just the one that fits her situation the best. Because at the end it is “Life Aapki, Recipe Aapki”.

In short, with Life Aapki, Recipe Aapki campaign, Sunny Oil is trying to bring a fresh perspective and break the stereotypical “smile karti hai, khana pakati hai” imagery of the women.

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