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Sundar Pichai Fixes Burger And Beer Emoji And Twitter Is Happy

| Published on November 30, 2017

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai had promised to fix their burger emoji after the founder of Baekdal Media, Thomas Baekdal, pointed out the differences between Apple’s and Google’s burger emojis.

Below is the tweet which gained reactions from people all over the Internet.

This tweet started a debate on the micro-blogging site and everyone tried to give a reply according to their thinking.

Sundar Pichai also joined this and promised to take this matter seriously.

And, now Google has corrected both the emojis in the upcoming Android 8.1 version. Emojipedia notified everyone on this with a tweet.

Even the new beer emoji in Android 8.1 has some changes in it.

With both the fixes we can say that now ‘All izz well’ as the CEO completed his promise.

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