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Success Story & Marketing Strategies Of Kent RO

| Published on October 13, 2020

Kent RO has become one of the most trusted water purifier brands in India. Most households trust this brand for the layers of purifying used which makes drinking water clean and safe and is also priced reasonably, with most parts easily replaceable if needed. Their customer service team is always on the look as the company helps to resolve most queries easily. So how did the founder, Mahesh Gupta, strive to bring Kent RO to the standard it holds today?

The Story of Success of KENT

The Journey of Kent RO

Dr. Gupta was a graduate of IIT Kanpur and entered the water purifier industry by luck. Within a few years, he revolutionized it and created Kent RO in 1999 after his kids fell sick due to jaundice caused by unhealthy drinking water. UV purifiers were causing the transmission and since Dr. Gupta was an engineer by profession, he pitched the idea of RO or Reverse Osmosis purifiers brought all the way from the US. These were expensive initially but a few positive reviews helped the company gain a turnover of Rs. 30 crores annually by 2006.

Shortly after, he started advertising and marketing the products. By roping in veteran actress Hema Malini as the brand ambassador, the company started gaining some recognition gradually and soon was recognized by the entire country.

Today, Kent RO is recognized by the healthcare industry in providing clean drinking water across all chains. If you happen to have one of these, you will be able to see the many provisions the company provides including water management technology that ensures that no amount of water is wasted unnecessarily.

Kent RO now has its factories in Gurgaon and Uttarakhand and supplies the water purifiers all across India. It is being sold on major e-commerce platforms including Flipkart and Amazon. Have you installed one of these at your home yet? If not, you should definitely try it today to compare its technology with the kind of water purifier you have been using so far.

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