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Success Story & Marketing Strategies Of Godrej Group

| Published on October 10, 2019

Godrej– A Company as old as time, the company is 122 years old and began its journey under the guidance of Lawyer turned Entrepreneur Ardeshir Godrej in 1897, with its headquarters located in Mumbai, its manufacturing facility is located abroad in South Africa.

A multidimensional company with trustworthy products

The company has been present in the country since Swadeshi Movement and is one of the largest players in Home Appliance, the company marked its place in the Indian Household by launching a Soap manufactured from Vegetable Oil and has ever since became a dependable and trustworthy brand.

The Company has a collection of various industries like Real Estate; Online Grocery Store but entered the market with a simple yet useful product, Locks.

Godrej is a Multidimensional Company, with products ranging from Agricultural Goods, Security Systems, Consumer Products, and Real Estate to IT. The company also had the distinction of introducing the first-ever Type-Writer in the market

The popular product categorries of Godrej include

  1. Personal care products
  2. Cleaning agents
  3. Furniture
  4. Real estate
  5. Consumer durables
  6. Security solutions
  7. Godrej Aerospace
  8. Godrej Agro-vet
  9. Godrej chemicals
  10. Godrej interior

Distribution Strategy

The company mainly operates through Wholesalers and Retailers, thus the channel is widely spread and helps the product to reach both Urban and Rural Markets quite easily. They have established effective channel distribution and direct link with all the Indian Distributors under the scheme called Sam-park.

Godrej also has an official website where goods can be easily purchased. It also has tie-ups with other shopping sites thus resulting in quick sales.

Pricing Strategy


Godrej has decided to keep its pricing policy competitive and individual. It has maintained a strategy of good pricing that helps in market penetration, creating and maintaining the demands in the market and creating monopolies for some of its items. It also paves the way for retaining its existing customers and maintaining a good grip on the market economy.

Godrej believes in value added pricing system and therefore uses the pricing strategies to maintain its hold on the consumers. It has adopted its pricing policies according to its products as well as the target audience.

Keeping in mind the customer behaviour, they often launch schemes and offers to promote bulk purchase of goods, like one soap free on purchase of two.


Advertisement is the key to good promotions and Godrej has gone all out for its promotion, we have often seen faces of celebrities like Aamir Khan, Hritik Roshan and Famous Cricket Players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni representing and promoting the brand.

Not only do they promote on television but also use Paper Media like Newspapers and Billboards to gain the attention of consumers.

The catchy tunes, smart one-liners, and celebrities are a winsome collection in the Indian market for promotion product successfully


Since packaging is the first encounter of a potential customer with a product a lot of concern and attention has been denoted to this area of Marketing Mix, Godrej uses various Colour Scheme as well as designs its products to look attractive and eye-catching.

Godrej also has given a lot of thought on the labeling of its products. The labels are in at least three different languages so that the consumer can easily identify the product and go through the various information and instruction written on them. This is a very good promotional strategy aimed at connecting with the consumers directly.

Godrej not only takes utmost care of its consumer’s but also protects the habitat, It has been awarded by the Ministry of Power, Government of India for its Eco-Friendly Refrigerators

It has also been awarded Consumer Super Brand in its category. The first time being in 2004 followed by 2009, this also makes Godrej the only Indian Brand to have won this Award

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