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Success Story of Frooti Will Definitely Give You Marketing Goals

| Published on March 10, 2018

Any Brand needs a good marketing strategy to achieve success in today’s competitive market. With Frooti Parle Agro has captured Indian market by making a strong connection with the people from all age categories. With an iconic brand image, Frooti stands out in country’s mango flavoured beverages. Frooti discovered a new market segment in India with its refreshing packaging.

History of Frooti

Prakash Chauhan, the chairman of Parle Agro is responsible for Frooti’s success in the 1980s and his 3 daughters have continued to expand the brand. But becoming India’s largest beverage company wasn’t that easy. The net-worth of Parle Agro is more than Rs. 3000 crores and Frooti contributes the most to this. Along with beverages, the company sells packaged drinking water and PET Preforms.

Impact of creative advertisements


Advertisements have helped Frooti a lot. In the early days, Frooti tried to provide information about their product. Showing Frooti packs hanging on trees was a good idea. Most Frooti lovers remember the famous jingle “Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy”. Attracting the kids and youth of the country has always been the aim of Frooti’s ad campaigns. Frooti didn’t use any celebrity in the early days but now it is spending huge money on the advertising.

Packaging factor


Since its launch, Frooti has used innovative packaging. Tetra packs helped Frooti to gain customers and it was also the first brand to introduce inPET bottles. Using triangle shaped small packaging also shows the creativity of Frooti. Along with quality service and refreshing packaging, Frooti is successful because of its affordable prices.
Frooti has always focused on selling mass products with very low margins. While kids buy small bottles of Frooti. Adults in colleges and offices love to enjoy Frooti’s big bottles. People connect with Frooti because of the refreshing image it has. Mango is seen as the king of fruits in India and with Frooti people can get the taste of the mangoes in all seasons.

The distribution of Frooti has also improved a lot in past few years. Customers can now buy Frooti from most of the retail stores present in countries. Yes, there are many rivals in the market still Frooti is different because of the connection it has with Indian customers. Parle Agro has another successful beverage brand Appy in its basket which is supporting Frooti perfectly.

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