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Subway Trolls McDonald’s In Its Latest Ads & Gets Angry Replies From Fans On Twitter

| Published on September 23, 2018

The advertising war among restaurant chains seems to be picking up the heat as only a few days after Wendy’s made fun of McDonald’s in its commercials, Subway has done something similar in its latest ad.

Subway launched a new ad campaign that shows the iconic golden arches (with small print that reads it is “Not Affiliated with McDonald’s”).


“Burger after burger after burger. Is your burger routine feeling a little flat?” the ad reads. The commercial then makes images of Subway sandwiches, ending with the company’s new slogan: “Make it what you want.”

The message which Subway wants to spread through this ad is that McD always makes boring burger ads whereas, Subway always tries to impress its audience with creative and fresh ideas. However, the timing of this campaign isn’t that good as McDonald’s is currently the leader in restaurant chain segment whereas, Subway is experiencing a decline in sales from past 4 years.

Talking about this, Subway Chief Advertising Officer Chris Carroll said

“Consumers just get in habits and they go and have burgers. Every now and then you might want to consider breaking the habit and going to Subway. That’s really the whole strategy. We’re reminding them they have choices.”

Here is the ad we are talking about:-

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Users on Twitter didn’t like this move from Subway and criticized the brand. Below are some tweets proving the same:

It makes me want to shot myself

Cravings for McDonald’s

The most annoying commercial have ever seen

Just fire your marketing team.

Subway even apologized to some users.

What are your thoughts on this ad? Do let us know in the comments section.

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