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Students Identify Glitch In Amazon Discount Code, Stocks Toilet Rolls And Beer

| Published on October 29, 2019

The E-commerce industry in India is thriving, thriving beyond expectations and sailing beyond hindrances. The reason? There are many. From quality products to customer centricity to unbelievable discounts – the list is endless.

However, amidst these, discounts are actually the main reason why many e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Swiggy etc are gaining popularity and increasing their branding.

They offer a variety of discounts to users. Right from a newbie special offer, to referral codes for inviting new members, the history is proof that they have successfully attracted large masses all at once.

So, what is the tale?

Amazon launched a special discount option for students in the UK. This was a part of its student deal launch to increase orders among students in the country. The offer was done using coupon code ‘Welcome5’ for Prime users where 5 euros was given off on the first purchase.

Hence, each new user who was a student could avail a discount of 5 euros on purchased goods from the e-commerce platform.

Now, where is a twist in the tale?

Well, you must be aware, most coupons on such platforms have a limit. Either they are only valid once for new users or have constraints like once a month use or so.

However, Amazon made a grave mistake. Students, being the clever kids in the block, realized how you could use the coupon code multiple times for orders rather than just a first time order.

They went on to order everything and anything under the sun under and for 5 euros. Stationery, toiletries, food, gifts, toys, books and even beer was purchased for free for a total of 9 days by students in the UK.

The glitch saved students huge sums of money while costing Amazon the same. This was a time of happiness for students across the nation, allowing them to stockpile for the year and beyond. For 9 days, this went on, until Amazon finally found out the issue and resolved it.

This certainly states that every strategy needs to be carefully implemented and verified. Considering the digital age, finding loopholes is all the more easier and hence being careful is all the more important!

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