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Students, Housewives Can Earn Rs.140/Hour From Amazon Flex. Learn How

| Published on June 16, 2019

People from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore have a good new awaiting. If you have some spare time, buckle up, because you can earn 120-140 per hour with Amazon Flex. It is an all new delivery program that will allow you to utilize your free time and earn a handful of money.

Why is Amazon Doing This?

There are two reasons for Amazon to start this program. Firstly, it aims at growing its capacity to serve more customers. Secondly, they also want to speed up their delivery process, so that they can enhance their services.

These were the primary reasons. Now the secondary reasons are, Amazon has targeted its program at housewives, college going students, and retired professional, and creates opportunities for them to utilize their spare time and earn a few bucks.

Another reason would be to minimize the competition like malls and shops, which would reduce the customer’s desire to check for alternatives when the delivery process is fastened.

Who is Eligible?

These are the requirements that a person must have to register as a delivery partner:

The partners who have enrolled with the program will have to register on the Amazon Flex app and take the in-app video classes which will show how the system exactly works. While Document Verification, the will also have to take the classroom training at the Amazon office.

How To Earn?

After joining the Amazon Flex program, a person can choose to be a part-time delivery partner. He can also choose his own area of comfort and the time to deliver the packages in the locality. Here is a little limitation that a person has to work for at least 4 hours a day.

A delivery partner can then pick up the orders form the delivery station and can return with the undelivered orders and the cash form the COD purchases, at the end of the day.

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The main part is, when do you get paid? It will be done every Wednesday, that too via bank transfer. So, a person has to have a PAN number. Along with that, the delivery partner will also be provided with an insurance cover up to Rs. 5 Lakhs.

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